Viber Windows 8 App Now Available for Download

Viber is one of the popular free messaging and calling apps on mobile platforms.  Now it is also available on Windows 8 devices.  Viber recently released a standalone app for Windows 8, meaning that the service is now fully compatible with machines running Windows 8.  The Viber App is now available for download from the Windows 8 Store so if you are a user of the mobile version of the app and is also using Windows 8 on desktop, you better download the app now to enjoy free calls and free messaging.


Viber’s Windows 8-specific features include the ability to pin conversations to the Start screen and the ability to use the app on Snap View mode.  The other feature of Viber that Windows 8 users will surely appreciate is the app’s Live Tile compatibility, so it means you can easily access notifications as you receive them. That’s not all.  Viber is also integrated with the universal search of Windows 8 so Viber contacts can be searched easily.  The Windows 8 version also offers the ability to switching between desktop and mobile modes using a single button tap.

Hit the source link to learn more about the new Viber app for Windows 8.

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