Google’s Project Ara: Build Your Own Smartphone (Like Lego)

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Google’s Project Ara has been put into the spotlight recently when the search giant scheduled its developer conference next month.

Project Ara

For those who don’t know, Project Ara is a modular phone project that started with Motorola (which Google kept when they sold Moto to Lenovo). The device platform allows you to choose which modules you want on your phone. It’s like building your own PC, where you can choose and install/swap which parts you want. So theoretically, that means you can have assemble a phone with a big battery, a higher resolution camera, LTE, stereo speakers, etc. depending on what you need.

Eventually, Google hopes to have its own official store for its own modules, but they also have plans to allow third party modules. The tech giant wants Ara to be as cheap as possible, with reports suggesting the base model could cost no more than $50.

This all sound very interesting, especially to geeks like me (who also enjoy Legos). That could mean cheaper upgrades by just buying a new piece. Or you can swap out a better camera if you need it, say on a shoot or during a vacation. But I wonder if it will appeal to those who just want a phone that works. If Project Ara, or rather Google Ara, becomes a reality, would you be interested enough to buy one?

Source Android Police

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  1. KadashiPadilla Reply

    i’ve read an article about this but it’s from a diff company, same concept. it was months ago either google bought the company (the company’s brand was phone blocks i think). or they stole it. lol
    eitherway, the concept is really good and i’d rather have this than any other brands out there. easy to customize, cheap and you get what you pay for (i hope).

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