Look what popped up when I opened the Google Play Store to check for updates.

Google-Play-movies (4)  Google-Play-movies (3)

It seems Movies, in addition to Apps, Games and Books, are now available to Pinoy Android users. There are a lot of titles available, and different categories to choose from. Prices vary from movie to movie, I’m assuming depending on how new it is and how popular. Some movies have option to either buy or rent, some just have the buy option for different versions (HD or SD).

google-play-movies (2)  google-play-movies (7) google-play-movies (5) google-play-movies (6)


Head on over to the Google Play Store and check it out. I wonder if Pinoy users would actually buy movies here, seeing as “free movies” are easier to come by. And where’s Music?

What do you guys think?


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