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Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr From the name of the alone, you’ll know right away what the site offers. For professionals and freelancers, this is a place to advertise their services and a place to find more gigs. For the rest of us, this is a place to find a photographer, a designer, a programmer, an accountant, a wedding planner, etc.

A brainchild of Pinoy entrepreneur Lyle Jover, is a place that brings together freelancers with potential clients. Jover got the idea while browsing Facebook, where he noticed friends asking for recommendations on freelancers. Posts like “where can I find a good photographer?” or “does anyone know a good tutor” were becoming all too common that it prompted Jover to capitalize on the idea. With a team of engineering graduates, they set of and started

Everytime we are looking for somebody for a certain task, we resort to our friends, relatives, or to anybody within our circle if they know someone. recognizes this Filipino culture and elevates it to the next level.

The site is just a few weeks old, and already its list of freelancers have grown. They now have a multitude of freelancers from different industries. They have tutors, models, actors, graphic designers, etc. For aspiring freelancers, this is a good place to start. It could even turn into a career. Just create a profile, showcase your work, and then wait for clients and their feedback. If you’re looking for a guy to do a job, just search their categories, select a freelancer, contact them, strike a deal, and hire them.

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  1. Eric Jordan Reply

    Raket was bad news for me.
    I wanted to hire a professional.
    I paid my fee so I could contact a couple of people with seemingly good ratings.
    NO REPLY from the “worker advertiser” on Raket and NO RESPONSE FROM RAKET
    Most Raket listings show no price so you must pay Raket just to try and find out pricing.
    When there is a 100% no response from these profiles that may or may not be real and when Raket does not respond this would seem to be a total scam. WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES.

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