News launches the first school for raketeers in the country

RaketOne-technobaboy has partnered with The One School to bring you the “RaketOne,” the Philippines’ first raketeer school. The project aims to improve a raketeer’s skills and at the same time give an avenue to those starting in freelancing. Aside from workshops, RaketOne also offers shadowing or immersion exercises (e.g. Events Management), allowing students to learn through hands-on experience.

The One School, an entrepreneurial college in Makati accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), aims to introduce and to teach students the field of entrepreneurship, as well as to develop skills in communication. Partnered with, they formed RaketOne with the  common goal of helping raketeers improve and learn for their chosen careers.

The project is going to be launched on the first week of August with the following workshops available:

  1. Photography 101
  2. Stocks 101
  3. Social Media Management & Marketing 101
  4. Voice Acting 101
  5. Marketing 101
  6. Writing 101
  7. Creating a Business Plan
  8. How to Start your Own Business
  9. Graphic Design 101
  10. Mobile Development
  11. Events Management 101

Experienced professionals are also invited to share what they have gone through in the past years, and to show how they got things done in their own way. Peer sessions with professionals are very constructive and collaborative that can positively influence raketeers to be better. This is an exciting opportunity for raketeers, who have endeavored in pursuing their passion as their profession, to highlight their talents to fellow raketeers and to attain new learnings, tips and suggestions.

Those interested may visit for more information. Enrollment is now ongoing.

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