News offer free healthcare coverage with Intellicare, a company that offers a place for freelances and “racketeers” to offer their services, has now partnered with Intellicare to give its members free healthcare coverage. I have a lot of friends who are self-employed raketeers and this definitely helps.


The company hopes to satisfy one of the more present needs of freelancers — access to free healthcare. By partnering with Intellicare, raketeers can rest easier knowing they have access to more than 1,000 reputable hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and other medical institutions,and by almost 15,000 highly regarded physicians and medical specialists. Coverage includes pre-existing conditions, and services can be availed from the top five hospitals in the Philippines.

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Eligibility will be based on the total project value earned by the Raketeer for the entire year through’s escrow facility. The cut-off date for the eligibility will be next year, June 30, 2016. All Raketeers that meet the minimum annual accumulated project value will receive a Php 100,000 worth of healthcare coverage c/o Intellicare. The higher their accumulation is, the more rewards they can get! They can even get an additional coverage for their dependents! All these for free just like as if they’re working for a regular company.

Non-eligible Raketeers can still avail the coverage anytime for only Php 22,876. To learn more about’s healthcare package from Intellicare, you may visit

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