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With the advent of Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail, there’s a tendency to think screens are scratchproof. Only to find out that they aren’t. Truth be told, even with scratch resistance technology, screens are still susceptible to scratches from materials harder than glass (such as sand, and small particles of rock and metal). So if you are anything like me (who gets annoyed and a bit sad whenever I see scratches on my screen), I suggest you go get a good quality screen protector.

There are different kinds of screen protectors to choose from. There are cheap ones, and there are pricier options. Today, we are going to take a look at one of the pricier and more stylish screen protectors available – the Realook screen protector for the iPad Mini.

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Realook screen protectors are made of durable high-end plastic materials designed to guard your device from life’s daily wear-and-tear. Advertized as scratch and dent proof, sharp objects like pens and keys will not penetrate the films.

What’s in the box:

The package comes with the Realook Screen Protector with wood border design (Leon variety, wood 2.0), a microfiber cloth, a small packet of alcohol wipes for cleaning, small pieces of clear tape and a white sheet of paper where instructions are printed (doubles as a mat).

Right away you can feel that the Realook Screen Protector is made of a thick and strong piece of plastic.

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I mentioned before that installations of this kind wasn’t my strong suit. I managed to do a good job before, so I decided to do this myself.

The instructions were clear and concise. First, I thoroughly cleaned the glass screen with the provided microfiber clothe and alcohol wipe. Make sure that it’s free from dust and other particles. It’s irritating to see small debris under the screen protector. But if it happens, you can gently lift the screen protector, and use the clear tape to get the debris out. The tape won’t leave any residue.

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I halfway peeled off the plastic film on the side of the screen protector that will stick to the glass, and fit it on the bottom side. As soon as I was sure that the home button and the front camera were aligned, I fully removed the film and let the screen protector gently go over the glass screen. The screen protector itself has no adhesive. It sticks to the glass through static.

Don’t worry about air bubbles because it’s easy to remove. Just gently press it with the microfiber cloth towards the sides.

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The cut outs for the home button and the front facing camera are perfectly cut.

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And that’s that. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

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Wrap Up:

All in all, I like how the Realook Screen Protector looks on the iPad Mini. The wood design looks really good, and the screen protector itself is crystal clear. It doesn’t interfere with navigation or touch response, and installation was a breeze. Plus the screen protector has oleophobic properties, making oil marks and fingerprints easier to wipe off.

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The Realook Screen Protector for iPad Mini retails for P1,650 and is available through the following Applewerz branches:

  • Applewerkz SM South Mall
  • Applewerkz Alabang (Westgate Center, Alabang)
  • Applewerkz Glorietta 3
  • Applewerkz Greenhills (Theater Mall, Greenhills)
  • Applewerkz Katipunan
  • Applewerkz Marquee
  • Applewerkz Cagayan de Oro (Ayala Mall, CDO)
  • SlickWraps, SM Megamall  

About Applewerkz:

Applewerkz is an importer, supplier and distributer of premium cases, decals and accessories for smartphones and tablets. They cater to brands like Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac PCs), Samsung (Galaxy tablet and phone lines), Sony (Xperia line), HTC, Blackberry, etc.

For more about the company and its products, please visit


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