Cherry Mobile Announces the Awesome 5 ng Bayan promo; their best selling handsets at discounted prices

Along with Cherry Mobile’s launching of the “Phablet ng Bayan” Flare 3, the local company also announced their Awesome 5 ng Bayan promo, and their developer initiative, Pinoy App Shop.

Awesome 5 ng Bayan Promo

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The Cherry Mobile is once again making the local smartphone landscape more exciting with their Awesome 5 ng Bayan promo. Along with the Flare 3, the local smartphone company will include four of their best selling smartphones, all at a discounted price. Joining the Flare 3, priced at 3,999, in the Awesome 5 ng Bayan includes the Fusion Aura at 1,999; Ruby at 2,499; Life 2.0 at 2,999; and Omega Icon at 4,999.

Pinoy App Shop

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Another one of their initiatives, the Pinoy App Shop will give Filipino app developers a local venue to make public their applications. The shop will be included in Cherry Mobile handsets. Representatives from the Pinoy App Shop were present at the event to formally introduce itself to the app market.

Cherry Mobile

Since its entry in the market, Cherry Mobile has continued to produce wide varieties of stylish and sensible feature phones, smartphones, and tablets that meet the needs of each mobile user, while still maintaining its competitive prices. Only on their fifth year, the company has truly revolutionized the local mobile market as it puts high priority on its products and its customers.

For more information on Cherry Mobile’s latest offerings, log on to or visit the official Cherry Mobile Facebook page

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