Ok, so Meizu and Oppo joins the growing list of tech companies poking fun at Apple. I don’t know if Apple deserves this or not (most likely they do) but, aren’t they just giving Apple some extra media mileage?

Meizu posted this image and included the line:


That’s a great looking design Apple! Wonder where you got the idea?

#followtheleader #meizu #mx4

Presumably, the “nice lines” refer to the iPhone 6’s white plastic elements that let the antennas get better reception.

And then Oppo has this to say:


We’re flattered by those who try, but our #Find7‘s 2K resolution just can’t be beat.

The reference is to compare Oppo Find 7‘s 5.5″ QHD display with a pixel density of 534 ppi, versus the iPhone 6 Plus’ pixel density of 401 ppi. Now, I’m sure they’re both sharp, but I wonder if it’s that noticeable.

Anyway, I wonder who’s going to be next to poke fun at Apple. Who do you think it will be? And which one is your favorite so far?

Source Meizu | Oppo


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