A smaller iPhone could be in the works for 2015

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Rumors are abound that Apple will be bringing back 4 inch screens for their upcoming iPhone. The 4 inch rumor mill has been spinning for awhile now, but the latest one comes from Chinese site The site claims that a future iPhone will have a 4 inch version which will replace the iPhone 5C next year.

I suppose not everyone is a fan of two handed phone use. Having a 4 inch option makes sense. Their iPad Mini killer, the iPhone 6 Plus, sold millions, so I’m thinking their venture towards bigger screens was a success. Going back to smaller sizes will most likely still be successful. I guess at this point if they sold an iPhone with a 3 inch screen, devotees will still call it revolutionary and help propel it to success.

At the moment, its impossible to know if its true or not. But in my opinion, a smaller screened model will give Apple another option in terms of screen size. Truth be told, the 4 inch iPhone (at the time) had almost the perfect size. Its easy to grip and hold, and it slips easily in any pocket. I wonder if it will bend though.

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  1. I could not even begin to describe the personal bias embedded in this post.

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