New toned down TouchWiz coming with Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung’s TouchWiz is certainly one of the most functional (and most criticized) Android UI overlay to date. It has a lot (and I do mean a lot) of features, but it comes with a price. It bogs down the phone because of how much resources it demands.




Recently, the Korean media posted news that Samsung will tone down and optimize TouchWiz when it arrives with the Galaxy S6. Apparently, the plan is to optimize the core features and to remove the unpopular or obscure ones, with the end goal of reducing the memory footprint of the smartphone’s OS. How much optimization is going to happen? According to Korean news sources, company member are quoted saying the TouchWiz UI will perfom at the level of Google’s Nexus 6.

Note Edge
Note Edge

As for the Galaxy S6, according to rumors, the phone will launch sometime in February of this year. The same rumors mentions Samsung has already began volume production in Vietnam. The S6 could come with a metal unibody case and a version with dual edge display.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of Samsung, but that changed when I was lucky enough to have won a Galaxy Note 4 in one of Globe’s events. And now, I’m starting to like it. Its fast, it has a great screen, and a great camera. It has an Exynos chip and it rarely lags or stutters. I am not a big fan of TouchWiz, but if Samsung is really going to optimize TouchWiz for performance on the S6 (and hopefully, past flagships like the Note 4), then this could be a game changer. Slow clap Samsung.. Slow clap..

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