PLDT KaAsenso upgrades services to help family-driven minigosyantes

APF KaAsenso

Here’s some good news for our microenterprises. PLDT KaAsenso is starting the year with a clearer vision and a bigger mission for the country’s grassroots entrepreneurs.

“Our vision for Filipino micro-entrepreneurs is to help them grow and succeed in their businesses so that they can also improve the lives of their families. We understand that many minigosyantes get into business to be able to provide a better life for their families. It’s an aspiration we, as family-oriented Filipinos, all share, and one that PLDT KaAsenso would like to help become a reality. This is why the new PLDT KaAsenso is wider in scope and offers up-to-date tools and technologies for both aspiring and existing minigosyantes.” Ariel P. Fermin, PLDT executive vice president and head of home business, said.

Starting with its landline and Internet packages, PLDT KaAsenso recently introduced the affordable minigosyo package, Plan 1888, which comes with high-speed Internet of up to 3Mbps plus the a PLDT landline. All potential subscribers can apply for this plan without shelling out any initial fees.

PLDT KaAsenso has also unveiled value-added services aimed at helping minigosyantes better manage their businesses and improve their bottom line.

Store Watch is a security service that allows minigosyantes to remotely monitor their businesses. For as low as P99 per month on top of the KaAsenso Internet plan, users can view live feeds from anywhere using any device—whether through a PC, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, via a security camera with monitoring software.

Also in the portfolio is a WiFi zone service for PLDT KaAsenso subscribers. For only an additional P299 service fee per month, minigosyantes can offer WiFi access as an additional come-on for more customers to visit their stores. Subscribers can also create a customizable log-in page which can help further promote products and services.


PLDT KaAsenso will also continue to promote Cyberya, an all-in-one Internet café package that includes a complete computer set, cabinet, and coin-operated timer, and Internet of up to 2Mbps. The package is PLDT KaAsenso’s way of supporting entrepreneurial Filipinos who are looking to start their own low-maintenance business.

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