Marvel Contest of Champions revisited. A fun game for fans of Marvel comics.

Anyone else addicted to this game? I’m enjoying Marvel Contest of Champions so much that I’m posting about it again! We all know that some games are addictive by nature (Clash of Clans and Candy Crush come to mind), but for me, its this.


I posted about the game here before when it came out. Sad thing is, I have been playing it since. For those not familiar, Contest of Champions by Kabam is a tap and swipe based fighting game akin to Injustice (another game with similar dynamics but features the heroes and villains from DC comics). Here, you take the roll of a summoner wherein you get random Marvel heroes and villains from crystals and control those to battle the Collector. The game features popular characters like Spider-man and Ironman, and lesser known ones like Black Bolt and Iron Fist.

So far, I find myself playing the game while while on breaks, before I sleep and, sometimes during work (without sacrificing productivity… maybe). I have patiently played the game to level up my three star and two star characters.

These are my characters so far.
These are my characters so far, with Star Lord as my strongest hero.


The controls are simple, and the graphics are quite good. The heroes and villains are loyal to what they mostly look like in the comics.

Cyclops vs. Iron Fist
Cyclops vs. Iron Fist
Gamora beats Ironman
Gamora beats Ironman

The game doesn’t take a lot of space and is very fun to play. As a bonus, Contest of Champions may not need a good set of specs from your phone. It works well on the Android One device Cherry Mobile One despite the loading times. Oh and although there are in-app-purchases, you don’t need to shell out any money to progress through the game.


I guess we all will come across a game or two that we play more than usual. For me its the Contest of Champions. How about you guys? What games do you find addictive (I mean, besides Clash of Clans or Candy Crush)?

Marvel Contest of Champions is for the fans of both the fighting games and Marvel comics. It is free to play with in-app-purchases, and can be downloaded from Google Play (here) and the Appstore.

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