The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is pretty! Finally on display in SM BF.

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While wandering inside SM BF last night, I passed by the Samsung store and saw people were gathering inside. I got curious and decided to check what was going on. To my surprise, I saw that they already have demo units of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Unlike many of my blogger friends, I didn’t have the chance play around with one and thought this is a nice opportunity to find out for myself how good this device is.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (1) Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (16)

The first thing I noticed when I held the S6 Edge was how light it is to carry. I mean, it was really really light compared to my (seemingly) heavy Note 4. And the build quality is great as well, despite the weight.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (2) Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (7)

I liked the gold colored S6 Edge the most. It is elegant, and the metal face and body looks really good in this hue.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (13)

The curved display looked fantastic. It was sharp, bright and colorful. And I like how the home screen “curves” from the sides when you scroll through the pages.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (9) Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (8) 

Here’s micro USB port, mic hole and the speaker grill (ala iPhone) at the bottom. The SIM tray, IR port and another mic hole is at the top.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (10)

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (11)

The UI was really smooth as well. I liked what they did to TouchWiz. It’s very snappy and butter smooth. The icons were updated to look more squarish and the folders have better icons (I hated the old folder icons). I can’t wait to have it on the Note 4 when (or if) Samsung rolls it out to other flagships.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (3) Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (5)

Samsung’s wireless charger was on display as well. We know the S6 Edge supports wireless charging, but based on experience, it takes a bit longer to charge using this method than through the micro USB plug.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (4) Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (6) 

And this is what the new camera UI looks like. It’s a lot simpler than the one on the Note 4, with the commonly used settings within easy reach.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 (15)

That’s it for the Samsung Galaxy S6. I  am very impressed at what Samsung was able to accomplish here.

We know the Galaxy S6 Edge is coming to the country in mid-April. We also know that it’s going to cost an arm and leg. But if you find out that you still like it despite that, I suggest you visit a Samsung store near you to get a hands-on of the device.

For those who are still convinced that Samsung’s latest and greatest isfor you, you can pre-register your intentions here:

Both Smart and Globe are also offering the S6 Edge to their subscribers. For Smart subscribers, you can register here (, while Globe subscribers can proceed here (

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  1. TechnoBaboy Reply

    Hey, Samsung Mobile Philippines where else is the S6 Edge on display?

  2. TechnoBaboy Reply

    I wasn’t able to ask. But I’m assuming most med to large Samsung stores have it on display.

  3. Simon Chris Medina Raymundo Reply

    Sayang naman. Hehehe. Punta ka na ngayon. Bili ka na din! :)

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