5 ways to enjoy free Facebook with Sun

Sun shows us the top 5 ways to enjoy free Facebook. The offer is available to subscribers nationwide. Sun’s free Facebook gives you more freedom to choose the type of free Facebook service you want.

Top 5 ways to enjoy free Facebook

1) Connect to free Facebook all day

Sun prepaid and postpaid subscribers can decide how they want to experience Facebook by simply flicking a switch. They can choose between “data” and “free” that appears on the top right corner of the Facebook app or mobile site screen every time they log in.
By turning on the “free” switch, subscribers will be able to post status updates, comment on posts, and even send chat messages with without incurring data charges.

2) Get it free with Sun Postpaid Plans

Access to Facebook also comes free with select Sun Postpaid Plans. No ifs, no buts, no add-ons. It even comes with a free Android phone (because everybody loves free phones and you know it). You also get more value because Sun’s free Facebook offer comes bundled with unlimited calls and texts.

3) Enjoy free Facebook with Sun Prepaid loads

Prepaid subscribers get the full Facebook experience whenever they load any of Sun Prepaid‘s offers. Facebook is bundled for free with call and text promo loads such as Text Unlimited (TU200), Call and Text Combo (CTC50), Call and Text Unlimited (CTU30). Subscribers can enjoy access to free Facebook without any maintaining load balance, as long as they are enrolled in any of the valid promo loads.

4) Get non-Stop Facebook access with Sun Broadband

Subscribers can enjoy free Facebook with any Sun Broadband Non-Stop Surf offer. They can also share free Facebook with others when they connect to their Sun Pocket Wi-Fi device.

5) Still free with

Over 4.5M Filipinos are now connected to! Subscribers can use their Sun Postpaid, Prepaid or Broadband account to enjoy free access to basic Facebook and partner sites through

Sun’s Free Facebook

Compared to other “free” Facebook offers, Sun’s has a more robust feature set that stands to benefit us more. I mean, don’t we all know a good deal when we see one? Check out the comparison table below.


And that’s not even counting the free Android phone on Sun’s postpaid plans. #Choosebetter and be a SUNscriber today ;-).

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