Pokemon Go

Sad day for Pinoy Pokemon fans. It looks like we’re not getting any Pokelove until further notice.

Pokemon Go in the Philippines

I was suppose to blog about how, according to Hypebeast, Pokemon Go could arrive in the next 48 hours. But instead, Niantic announced that it still has no plans yet of releasing the game beyond New Zealand, Australia, the US, UK and Germany. The news was emailed by fortyseven.com, an agency that represents the game maker.

That’s about it. The news came out and downed everyone’s expectations. Admittedly, most of us are excited to play it. But if they need a few more days (or weeks) to optimize their servers, and make the game better and bug free, then I’m all for it.

Pokemon Go is still not available in the our Google Play and iOS App stores. If you are in a hurry to install the game and try it out, there are ways to install it on Android. Just be warned that there are risks involved in doing so (including possible malware infected APKs). For those taking the plunge, check out techradar‘s wonderful how-to-install-pokemon-go guide.

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