OPPO announces new 5x dual camera zoom technology

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Nope. OPPO didn’t go to MWC to announce a new phone. The company instead showcased its newest camera technology — the 5x dual camera zoom system.

The new tech uses a unique periscope-style structure that diverts light through a prism and a telephoto lens inside a smartphone. The system allows OPPO to achieve lossless zoom of up to 5 times. That’s more than what the current crop of dual cameras can do.

5x dual camera zoom

And as most people know, zooming also increases the effect of camera shakes. To counter this, OPPO also included a new optical image stabilization (OIS) solution that improves anti-shake to up to 40 percent. The new mechanism adjusts its angle in precise increments to make up for movement, ensuring clearer and more stable images at full 5x zoom.

5x dual camera zoom

The new tech will no doubt make it to one of OPPO’s incoming smartphones. I, for one, is excited to see what they will come up with. The company did introduce a number of innovations in smartphone photography. To name a few, Ulike 2 with the first 5MP front camera, the N1 with its rotating camera, and the recent F1 Plus with its 16MP front camera.

I just hope its sooner rather than later.

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