New Smart GigaSurf 99 Promo Offers Double Data, Unlimited Text

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smart gigasurf 99

Smart’s latest GigaSurf99 promo is perfect for the always-online types. The service now offers double data allocation and unlimited text to all networks.

Smart GigaSurf 99

Smart’s new GigaSurf 99 promo now offers 2GB of open access data, and unlimited text to all networks for only Php99, good for 7 days. That’s plenty of data for those who like to surf and browse the web, chat, or post on social media. To give you an estimate on how much data you use, check out Smart’s data-calculator.

How good is the promo? Very. Let’s take a look at how this could work out for us budget conscious, always-online types. If we use this service once a week for a month, it amounts to just Php396 a month. And for that we get 8GB of open access data, and unlimited text to all networks. Granted, the previous promo was better for my needs (surfing, YouTube, social media), this one still offers a lot of value for our hard-earned money.

To use the service, just text GIGA99 and send to 9999. Or you can also get it through the My Smart app, available on iOS and Android.

Smart GigaSurf 50

Smart also has a promo for the GigaSurf 50. For 3 days, the service offers 1GB of open access data, 300MB for YouTube, iflix and other video apps, and unlimited text to all networks.

Now if we use this service every 3 days for a month, it will amount to P500 to Php550 per month. For that you’ll get 10GB of data, over 3GB for videos, and unlimited text to all networks. Its more expensive than the Giga99 (and its more cumbersome seeing as you have to activate it every 3 days), but its still good value.

Which is better?

So, which one is better? It all depends on your needs and your budget. If watching YouTube is part of your routine or if you just need data for a short amount of time, then maybe Giga 50 is for you. But if you just mostly browse the web and post on social media, then Giga 99 is better. Personally, I use Giga 99.

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