First Smartphone to Use In-Display Fingerprint Sensor will come from Vivo

Synaptics announced production of optical in-display fingerprint sensors. Vivo will be the first to use it.

vivo in-display fingerprint

Vivo / Synaptics In-Display Fingerprint Sensor


Synaptics recently announced the production of its new Clear ID FS9500 optical in-display fingerprint scanners for smartphone manufacturer Vivo.

With the new technology, Vivo’s smartphones will still have tiny bezels, but this time it will allow user to unlock by scanning of fingerprints on the display itself, rather than at the back. Synaptics claim that this is twice as fast as 3D facial recognition, requiring only one touch to access the phone.

vivo in-display fingerprint

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If you recall, Vivo unveiled an under-the-display fingerprint scanning technology with Qualcomm at the MWC 2017. Speed maybe the reason for the switch in partner because that one was said to be noticeably slower. 

Vivo might not be the only beneficiary from this surprising partnership. OPPO (and to some extent, OnePlus) could get the same technology as well. Both OPPO and Vivo are owned by BBK Electronics, while OnePlus is a subsidiary of OPPO.

Time will tell when we’ll get to see Vivo smartphones with in-display technology. But I have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later.

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[Source: Synaptics; Via: The Verge]

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