The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has requested Netflix to ease streaming traffic in the Philippines by up to 25% to help our telcos manage bandwidth and network congestion. With most Filipinos stuck at home because of the enhanced quarantine, many have leaned on Netflix for entertainment.

The effect for Netflix users would most likely be a downgrade on video quality even if their Internet connection allows for a higher resolution. This will provide much needed relief to an already congested network in the Philippines and help those who rely on the Internet for work, news, information, and entertainment.

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“Given the crisis, we’ve developed a way to reduce Netflix’ traffic on telecommunications networks by 25 percent while also maintaining the quality of our services,” said Ken Florance, Netflix vice president for Content Delivery.

According to the reports, Netflix subscribers will still get what they have subscribed to, but streaming will be limited meaning it won’t be taken to higher bandwidths when connections allow it.

Recently, the streaming service unveiled a new Mobile Plan subscription that allows at least one smartphone or tablet to access the service for PHP 149 per month.



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