Cyber criminals are becoming more creative (and more high tech) when it comes to their illegal activities. This time, they have a new method of stealing your identity called SIM take-overs.

SIM take-overs, also known as SIM jacking or SIM hijacking, is a method where somebody tries to transfer your SIM’s mobile number to another SIM, usually through social engineering techniques. Its technically a digital version budol-budol.

Smart warns of SIM takeover

So how do they do it? Smart lays out the technique step by step so you know if its happening to you.

  1. Cyber criminals contact victims via calls or SMS and pretend to be Smart representatives. They will ask you to send “GET PIN” to 7927.
  2. This will generate a One Time Password (OTP) that will be sent to your mobile number.
  3. Cyber criminals masquerading as Smart representatives will try to get the OTP and use it to activate a new SIM card in their possession.
  4. Once the new SIM has been activated, your current SIM will be deactivated.

With your SIM and mobile number in their possession, they can now get all calls and SMS meant for you. They can use it to hack your banking, email, and other online accounts. They can even use it to commit crimes against your friends and family.

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This goes without saying: NEVER give any sensitive information to strangers. Smart representatives will never ask for OTPs.

If you or anyone you know received similar messages, report the incident to Smart by calling *888.



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