The Realme XT received a huge Android 10 update, bringing Realme UI to the phone. It brought several new features and changes, including an improved dark mode, gesture controls, and smoother animations.

Recently, a new update started reaching Realme XT users. The incremental update comes with the number RMX1921_11_C.04, and brings with it the April Google Android security patch, as well as several bug fixes including:

  • Optimized audio quality for third-party apps
  • Added arrow to the right of the list of recent location information requests in dark mode
  • Fix for the issue where the prompt tone appears every time the user plays music
  • Fix for the alarm issue that automatically turns off after being cleared by the background task

The file size is round 340MB, thereabouts. At the moment, it is rolling out in India.

How to update

But, there’s a way to get the update in the Philippines, provided you are running Realme UI. If not, check your phone for the Android 10 update or you can read our post here.

I have installed it on my Realme XT via this method. This should, theoretically, work with other Realme phones assuming the corresponding update is available.

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To do this, just download and use a VPN and switch your location to India. Then, go to Settings> Software Update. The phone will think you are there, prompting their servers to send you the update.

This method has worked on my Realme XT. In fact, this is the method I used to update to Realme UI. However, your mileage may vary. I noticed that this works for some, and not for others.

Good luck.


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