PayMaya is making cashless (or contactless) payments easier for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with PayMaya Negosyo. The app allows small businesses to accept QR and online payments from their customers.

PayMaya Negosyo is fast and easy to setup. Those interested need only download the app from the Google Playstore and register using their mobile numbers. An SMS feedback will be sent to them in one to two days, after which they can start receiving cashless payments.

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Once activated, merchants can receive payments directly to their mobile numbers through the following methods:

  • Customer pays by scanning a QR code
  • Customer transfer money from another PayMaya or e-wallet account
  • Customer transfers money online directly from a bank through Instapay

Merchants can transfer the collected payments they received to their respective bank accounts through Instapay.

PayMaya Negosyo also has payment tracking functions, listing all payments from different banks and other e-wallets. There are no monthly fees but there is a 1.5% fee for QR payment transactions.

For more information about PayMaya Negosyo, you may go here. You can download the PayMaya Negosyo app for free from the Google PlayStore. Just follow this link.


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