Xiaomi’s 3rd gen under-display selfie camera is almost invisible

In the past how many years, smartphone companies have been trying hard to hide the selfie camera. From notches, to punch holes, to pop-up solutions, nothing seemed (aesthetically) good enough as a long term solution. But that may all change soon, if Xiaomi pulls this off.

Xiaomi recently released a promotional video showcasing its 3rd generation under-display camera. And by the looks of it, it seems they may have done it.

xiaomi under display camera

The video teases a working phone with a full display and no punch hole. Its selfie camera is still placed on the upper left corner, right beside the time. But its underneath the display and actually looks invisible.

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But a closer inspection reveals the area where the selfie camera is placed — the area is noticeably darker. While its not perfect, the implementation is actually not bad at all, considering the alternative is a black punch hole that you either notice or totally ignore.

Its unclear why its square shaped though. But we can assume that they had some liberties in making this, probably with the use if two different test units for the shoot to highlight what they have done.

Granted that this is a promotional video, you got to admit that this is pretty impressive. And while we’re yet to see this on a retail device, I am excited to where this leads.

YouTube video

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