Google Photos will stop offering free unlimited storage on June 2021

Starting June 1, 2021, new photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos will count towards your allotted free 15GB storage quota that come with your Google account.

I have personally used and recommended Google Photos to family and friends. Not just as a way to back up photos and videos, but as a way to manage and present memories. Its free, easy to use, and it works well on both Android and iOS. But like all good things, it has come to an end. Next year, new uploads will count towards your 15GB of storage. If you used that up, you have to pay for more.

For those not familiar, Google accounts come with 15GB storage that’s shared across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. However, in Google Photos, images uploaded in its original quality count towards the limit. But there is no limit to the number of “High quality” photos (their version of compressed) and 1080p videos you can upload.

The good news is that the change will only affect new photos and videos. Google says High quality photos and 1080p videos upload before June 1, 2020 are exempt and will not count toward the 15GB quota. Another plus is that their additional storage is affordable and starts at Php 89 per month of 100GB.

You can check out the paid storage options below:

  • 100GB: Php 89 /month or Php 889 /year
  • 200GB: Php 159 /month or Php 1,499 /year
  • 2TB: Php 479 /month or Php 4,799 /year
  • 10TB: Php 2,399/month
  • 20TB: Php 4,799/month
  • 30TB: Php 7,199/month

For Android users, just download the Google One app on Google Play to get started. You can also visit

You can also see how much the change impacts you by going to your personalized Google storage estimate. Here, you can see how much data you used and how long the remaining storage will last based on your current usage rates.


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