Movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in June 2021

TL;DR: Here are the Netflix movies and TV shows for the month of June 2021.

Here are the movies and TV shows coming to Netflix this month of June. And just like that, we are at the end of the first half of 2021.

Netflix’s roster of movies and shows for June looks good, with some notable films I personally want to see.

Here are three I have my eye on.

On the top of my list is Trese (June 11). The Netflix original anime follows the heroine Alexandra Trese (voiced by Liza Soberano in the Filipino language) in a Manila where mythical creatures of Philippine folklore hide amongst humans.

Next, we have the Japanese film Rurouni Kenshin: The Final (June 18). Based on a popular anime of the same name (also known as Samurai X outside of Japan, the live-action movie is the fourth movie of the Rurouni Kenshin film series.

And finally, we have Sweet Tooth (June 4). The film is based on a comic from DC Comics’ Vertigo and follows the adventures of a half-human and half-deer boy.

Now, go through the list and let us know which ones you are looking forward to watching.

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Netflix June 2021

  • Maledicto (Film) – June 3
    After a tragic event, a brilliant psychiatrist becomes an exorcist and teams up with a clairvoyant nun to help a possessed teenager.
  • Cara x Jagger (Film) – June 3
    With a rare condition that gives her total recall, a woman cares for her ex-boyfriend who has amnesia as they relive their bittersweet love story.
  • The Girl and the Gun (Film) – June 3
    Fed up with abuse by those around her, a department store saleswoman finds a weapon in an alleyway and decides to settle scores.
  • So It’s You (Film) – June 3
    A woman left by her fiancé and a man with baggage bond over heartbreak and past pains. As they enter a fake relationship, real feelings soon emerge.
  • Summertime: Season 2 (Series) – June 3
    It’s summer again and while many relationships have changed in the past year, these friends are realizing some attractions are impossible to resist.
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie: Part 1 / Part 2 (Anime Film) June 3
    When a dark power enshrouds the Earth after a total solar eclipse, the scattered Sailor Guardians must reunite to bring light back into the world.
Rurouni Kenshin The Final Netflix June
Rurouni Kenshin: The Final – June 18
  • Sweet Tooth (Series) – June 4
    On a perilous adventure across a post-apocalyptic world, a lovable boy who’s half-human and half-deer searches for a new beginning with a gruff protector.
  • Sweet & Sour (Film) – June 4
    Faced with real-world opportunities and challenges, a couple endures the highs and lows of trying to make a long-distance relationship survive.
  • Feel Good: Season 2 (Series) – June 4
    As Mae tries to reconnect with George — and herself — after her relapse, she begins to realize she’ll have to face her past in order to move forward.
  • Camellia Sisters (Vietnam Film) – June 10
    Tensions rise and untold secrets surface for three royal sisters when a family treasure is stolen the night before an antique auction.

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  • Trese (Anime) – June 11
    Set in Manila where mythical creatures of Philippine folklore hide amongst humans, Alexandra Trese goes head-to-head with a criminal underworld.
  • Lupin: Part 2 (Series) – June 11
    Pursued by Hubert and his henchmen, Assane scrambles to find Raoul and wins an unlikely new ally as he draws up a grand plan to reveal Hubert’s crimes.
  • Elite Short Stories (Series)
    ÉLITE Short Stories, four new stories that take place during the summer before the start of the new year in Las Encinas.
    Elite Short Stories: Guzmán Caye Rebe: June 14
    Elite Short Stories: Nadia Guzmán: June 15
    Elite Short Stories: Omar Ander Alexis: June 16
    Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel: June 17
  • Let’s Eat ( Thailand Series) – June 15
    A food-blogging insurance agent encounters a friend from elementary school with a vendetta against him — but soon becomes her sidekick.
Hospital Playlist Season 2 Netflix June
Hospital Playlist Season 2 – June 17
  • Hospital Playlist: Season 2 (Series) – June 17 
    It’s another season of extraordinary days for the doctors and patients inside a hospital, where birth, death, and everything in between coexists.
  • Fatherhood (Film) – June 18
    After the sudden death of his wife, a new father (Kevin Hart) takes on the toughest job in the world: parenthood. Based on a true story of loss and love.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: The Final (Film) – June 18
    When a terrifying enemy attacks Tokyo, the stage is set for a high-stakes battle that may expose some of Kenshin’s biggest secrets.
  • The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals (Series) – June 18
    On a budget, ready to splurge or just need someplace new? Three travelers visit short-term rentals around the globe and share tips for terrific stays.

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  • Elite: Season 4 (Series) – June 18
    A strict principal and four new students arrive at Las Encinas, bringing an onslaught of romantic entanglements, intense rumors and a fresh mystery.
  • Nevertheless (Series) – June 20
     She doesn’t believe in love but still wants a relationship. He thinks relationships are a bother but wants to flirt. Can they both get what they want?
  • Too Hot to Handle: Season 2 (Series) – June 23
    A new season brings more gorgeous singles together in paradise to see who can give up sex to win the USD 100,000 grand prize.
  • The A List: Season 2 (Series) – June 23
    A group of teens finds their friendship and courage tested on a mysterious island where the dead never die.
Trese Netflix June
Trese – June 11
  • The House of Flowers: The Movie (Film) – June 23
    The De La Mora siblings concoct a mischievous plan to break into their old family home to retrieve a hidden treasure of significant importance.
  • Godzilla Singular Point (Anime) – June 24
    Brought together by a mysterious song, a grad student and an engineer lead the fight against an unimaginable force that may spell doom for the world.
  • Black Lightning: Season 4 (Series) – June 29
    Wracked with guilt, Jefferson vows to leave his hero days behind. But new threats to Freeland — and metas — draw all the Pierces back into the fray.
  • America: The Motion Picture (Film) – June 30
    A chainsaw-wielding George Washington teams with beer-loving bro Sam Adams to take down the Brits in a tongue-in-cheek riff on the American Revolution.
  • So Not Worth It (Series) – Coming Soon
    After coming to Korea for different purposes, students from all over the world live and learn together as residents of an international dormitory.
  • Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens (Indonesia Film) – Coming Soon
    After his father’s passing, a teenager sets out for New York in search of his estranged mother and soon finds love and connection in unexpected places.
  • Record of Ragnarok (anime) – Coming Soon
    As the gods weigh the fate of humanity, a lone valkyrie proposes a final battle pitting 13 gods against 13 mortal champions. Based on the manga.

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