Android 12 was recently announced, but a stable build is yet to reach devices. Before we get too excited, new information about the upcoming OS came to light. Google released a new Compatibility Definition Document or CDD, and it states that the latest version of Android requires at least 6GB RAM and a 1080p display.

The CCD defines the requirements that phone manufacturers need to meet in order for devices to be compatible with the latest version of Android.

For Android 12, Google added a “Performance Class” standard that defines a set of device capabilities that goes beyond Android’s baseline requirements. It covers media playback, camera capabilities, and other generic requirements such as memory and screen resolution.

Some of the requirements mentioned on the Android 12 CCD are quite stringent, and it could rule out a number of budget phones. But at least those planning to upgrade their devices in the near future have something to look forward to.

  • At least 12MP primary camera with 4K 30FPS support
  • 1080p display with 400 PPI or higher
  • At least 6GB RAM
  • Specific sequential and random read/write speeds

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Take note that the requirements do not necessarily mean 4GB RAM devices will miss out on Android 12. Manufacturers might need to disable or exclude demanding features and some visual enhancements to accommodate such phones. Or maybe there will be an Android 12 Go Edition for lower-end devices.

If you have free time and are up for some reading, you can check out the full Android 12 CCD here.

Via: Android Police, 9to5Google


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