Moshi Symbus Q USB-C docking station review

Most slim and compact laptops nowadays are faced with the same dilemma — a limited set of ports. And while it wasn’t that big of an issue while on the go, most people began to notice and realize the need for more ports when they started working from home.

Enter the Moshi Symbus Q compact USB-C docking station. It not only has more ports for you but also adds wireless charging and laptop charging into the mix. What’s more, the stylish hub gives a little flair to your minimalist home station setup, something other hubs fail to do.

While it does present a convenient solution to our current ports concern, it is a pricey investment at Php 11,990. But as always, in this review, we will take a look if what it offers is worth the price. Let’s go.

Design and Features

Like all things from Moshi, the Symbus Q Compact USB-C hub looks really good with a very stylish design. It sports a solid metal frame with fabric and a rubber lining pattern on top of the integrated wireless charging pad. It not only adds style points but also keeps your phone in place while charging. The dock is small, measuring in at just 4.57 x 2.83 x 1.26 inches.

Moshi Symbus Q review

The wireless charging pad is Qi-certified, able to push up to 15W. It uses Moshi’s Q-coil technology that allows it to charge through phone cases up to 5mm thick. It supports Apple (7.5W), Samsung (9W), and Google (up to 12W) fast-charging. There’s an LED on the corner to notify you if it’s charging properly.

Moshi Symbus Q review
Moshi Symbus Q review

In the front of the Symbus Q are two USB-A ports rated at up to 5 Gbps data transfer. The left USB-A supports fast-charging up to 10.5W, marked with a battery icon. While at the back, sits a Gigabit Ethernet port, an HDMI out that supports up to 4K/60 Hz resolution, and a barrel plug for power. A non-removable USB-C cable connects to laptops and tablets, as well as charges them at up to 60W.

The Symbus Q also comes with a power brick that’s almost the same size as the hub itself.

Moshi Symbus Q review


The Symbus Q is plug-and-play with no drivers needed. It works as advertised. I connected a laptop to a monitor with a keyboard and mouse on the USB-A ports with no performance issues. It was hassle-free and very convenient. And the fact that it only takes so little space on my desk is an added bonus.

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By the way, I also tried connecting it on an iPad Air 4 and a Huawei P40 and it worked fine. It charged and mirrored the tablet on a monitor, and the Huawei phone went into desktop mode. It doesn’t work with all devices though.

Moshi Symbus Q review

The wireless charging works just as well too. I was able to charge my iPhone 12 and my TWS earphones without much concern. But I did encounter a heating issue. While using the wireless charger with a docked laptop at the same time, the hub became hot. The metal frame likely made it worse. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about but it’s something to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

The Moshi Symbus Q is offers a beautiful design, additional ports, and wireless charging that make a versatile, clean, and minimalist workstation at home. It can transform your laptop, Macbook, Mac mini, iPad, or Microsoft Surface device into a more robust system with the aesthetics to match.

Moshi Symbus Q review

However, it’s not a perfect solution. For one, it heats up when you use wireless charging while a laptop is also docked and charging. Another concern is the lack of more ports. Moshi should have at least added a USB-C port, a card reader, or a headphone jack.

And then, there’s the price. At Php 11,990, it is a little harder to swallow.

Given all this, the Symbus Q is still a great addition to any home setup. Its design alone easily elevates the aesthetics of any workstation, and it does have what many consider essential ports. The integrated wireless charging pad also adds to its flexibility (and replaces one other item for a minimalist setup), as well as its ability to charge connected devices through its USB-C cable.

At the start of this review, we set out to answer if what it offers is worth the price. In the end, whether or not it is, ultimately depends on what you actually need. I know it’s a cop-out answer, but that is really the case in this situation. If you’re willing to spend for versatility, a few essential ports, and pleasing aesthetics, then the Symbus Q deserves a spot on your desk.

Price and Availability

The Moshi Symbus Q is available on Moshi’s official store in Lazada for Php 11,990.

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