Nowadays, looking for affordable TWS earphones has turned into a monumental task. Just try searching for a pair on your favorite online marketplace and you’ll be greeted with page upon page of options. The difficulty level increases even more once you factor in sound quality.

But there are some gems out there for every budget. And in this article, we’re going to talk about one from Ugreen.

Ugreen is primarily known for quality chargers, cables, and other accessories, but they have since expanded to TWS earphones. Its HiTune X5 looks the part of a good pair with the specs to match, featuring a Qualcomm QCC 3040 SoC, Bluetooth 5.2, touch controls, an IPX5 certification, noise-canceling mics, and a low latency gaming mode. And with a price of Php 2,200, it’s affordable too.

Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Review

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the Ugreen HiTune X5 and answer the question that plagues us before we buy any gadget — is it worth it? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. Let’s dive in.

Design and Features

The HiTune X5 has a pill-shaped style with a unique oval stem extending from the main earbud. The outer stem has a dot pattern design which, according to Ugreen, is inspired by “a starry night or a mysterious ocean”. Inspirations aside, it does give it a boost in the looks department, adding character and uniqueness to the TWS.

Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Review

The earbuds have a plastic build with a shiny finish. The inner half of the earbud has a matte texture, giving it more resistance to fingerprints. It also has a curved profile, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

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The TWS has a variety of touch controls, including volume up and down. It took me a while to get used to it, but they are a welcome addition nonetheless. Check out its list of controls below.

  • Play/Pause – Single tap on L/R earbud
  • Next Track – Triple tap on R earbbud
  • Previous Track – Triple tap on L earbud
  • Volume Up – Double tap on R earbud
  • Volume Down – Double tap on L earbud
  • Answer/End Call – Single tap on L/R earbud
  • Decline a Call – Press and hold L/R earbud for 2 seconds
  • Switch to Normal/Gaming Modes – Quadruple tap L/R earbud
  • Voice Assistant – Press and hold L/R earbud for 2 seconds

I found switching to gaming mode to be a little tricky. You have to tap either L/R buds four times to activate. I was often mistapping on the third or fourth try. But once you do get it to work, you’ll get an audio cue that it’s active.

Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Review

The charging case is small and slim with a smooth finish. It easily fits in most pockets. It has a flip-up top, LED battery notification, a USB-C port at the bottom, and a pairing button at the back.


The HiTune X5 is powered by a Qualcomm QCC 3040 SoC with Bluetooth 5.2. It has 10mm dynamic drivers and supports aptX, ACC, and SBC codecs.

The sound quality was surprisingly good for its price. The earbuds have a warm sound signature with good detail and a wide soundstage. The bass is prominent without sounding muddy. There’s good separation as well which means vocals and mids aren’t drowned out. The lows have a tendency to overpower the rest of the frequencies in some instances, but not too bad that it’s annoying.

Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Review

The earbuds have a gaming mode with 70ms low latency, making it an ideal TWS for gaming and watching videos. Again, it takes four taps to activate.

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As for call quality, the earbuds have four microphones, two on each bud, that work with the Qualcomm chip that zooms in on your voice while reducing background noises. It does a good job of making calls sound clear on both ends.

Battery Life

According to Ugreen, the HiTune X5 can run up to 7 hours in a single charge, with the charging case adding almost three additional charges. Actual usage was relatively close to their claims, with over 5 and a half hours of playtime. Granted, I was using it at higher volumes which may have contributed to the number that I got. It’s still more than enough for the average commute to and from work.

Charging the earbuds takes 1.5 hours, while the case takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Review

Final Thoughts

Ugreen did a good job with the HiTune X5. It not only looks good, but it sounds good too. It’s very comfortable to wear and comes with long battery life. What’s more, it’s also packed with useful features, such as multiple controls and a gaming mode.

The HiTune X5 stands out with a good balance of performance, design, comfort, and price. It’s not hard to recommend these for those looking for a good pair that doesn’t break the bank.

Price and Availability

The Ugreen HiTune X5 is priced at Php 2,200. You can get it at Ugreen’s official store in Lazada.


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