Here’s what’s coming to PUBG Mobile this 2022: Pinoy characters, partnerships, and more

This 2022, PUBG MOBILE Philippines brings more fun and excitement to the ever-growing number of Pinoy gamers through trailblazing initiatives in the mobile gaming world.

Pinoy characters in PUBG MOBILE, no longer an imagination

Filipino-inspired content will arrive in the PUBG MOBILE battlegrounds in 2022. Represented by a mythical bird, the Filipino fantasy creature slated to be released early this year, is imbued with elegance, magnificence, and mystery. It is undoubtedly a great fit into the diversity of content of the PUBG MOBILE world. As for the name of this Filipino-inspired set, gamers can expect this to be unveiled very soon.

Last year, neighboring countries in Southeast Asia released local content such as the Gundala of Indonesia and the Davika of Thailand. “The main goal for PUBG MOBILE Philippines is to introduce Filipino elements in-game and to have a better familiarization of what the Philippines has to offer for a broader audience, mainly the gaming community of PUBG MOBILE throughout the Southeast Asian region. As for the local community, this will also grab Filipinos’ attention when they see familiar elements they’ve come to grow up with,” said PUBG MOBILE Philippines Community Manager Gef Ferrer.

Telco and other brands partnership

PUBG MOBILE continues to expand its local collaboration and also strengthen its current ties with local partners.

Kevin Acuña, Business Development Manager of PUBG MOBILE Philippines said: “The aim for PUBG MOBILE Philippines in building more meaningful partnerships and collaborations are to reach a wider audience and to continue the growth of the game’s player base. In partnering with the biggest telcos and regional partners, PUBG MOBILE Philippines will grow at a faster pace.”

In addition, PUBG MOBILE is set to partner with phone brands, merchandise, and snack brands across the nation, proof that the globalized company remains committed to creating fruitful partnerships that are beneficial to both the game and its brand partners in the country.

PUBGM Community Champions: Become Player #1

In conjunction with the rapidly growing number of Pinoy gamers, PUBG MOBILE is now stepping up to be a dominant force in empowering the gaming communities across the Philippines. Each locality will be represented by a community champion serving as the area ambassador, aptly tagged as Player #1.

Part of their role is to ensure the growth of their respective communities and foster camaraderie and cooperation among Pinoy players. Community champions will receive continuous support from the PUBG MOBILE Philippines Team with resources to develop their operations.

Influencer Partner Program

Seeing the important role of influencers in mobile gaming, PUBG MOBILE is now launching the Influencer Partner Program, composed of on-board streamers and content creators of PUBG MOBILE from Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube. These influencer partners will serve as the face of PUBG MOBILE and will receive support and special perks from the game every month. The program will be open for both veteran content creators and newbie streamers, with only their passion and interest in mobile gaming as key criteria.

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Patricia Ysabelle Griño, Marketing Manager for PUBG MOBILE Philippines said: “For 2022, we’re maximizing influencer reach from the mainstream to grassroots level. We’re expecting more A-list Filipino celebrities promoting PUBG MOBILE, as well as support for local influencers from provincial urban metros like Davao, Iloilo, and Cebu who can speak to our players in their local tongue. Next year, we expect to see more of PUBG MOBILE on Philippine television, billboards and streaming platforms, as well as expanding into film and music with the launch of our first live action mini-series online and Filipino theme song.”

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