Netflix added two new mobile games to its roster — League of Legends spinoffs Dungeon Dwarves and Hextech Mayhem. The games are free for those with a Netflix subscription, available on Android and iOS devices.

Dungeon Dwarves is an idle dungeon crawler developed by Hyper Hippo where it plays continuously even if the app itself isn’t running. Here, you control five dwarves that destroy walls and fight monsters to take back their dungeon home.

Dungeon Dwarves Netflix Games
Dungeon Dwarves from Netflix Games

Hextech Mayhem, on the other hand, is a rhythm runner game developed by Riot Forge. It features characters and locations based on Riot Games’ League of Legends franchise. It is also available on the Nintendo Switch and PC, making it their biggest game to date.

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Netflix has entered the gaming space last November 2021, with several mobile games based on Netflix shows. Their latest, Dungeon Dwarves and Hextech Mayhem, are free to play (with no ads) for Netflix subscribers.


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