Watch: Shot on iPhone 13 Pro short video features South Korean director Park Chan-wook

Apple has multiple videos on its YouTube page that showcased the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro to shoot professional-grade cinematic videos. In their latest upload, the company has collaborated with renowned South Korean director Park Chan-wook.

Park Chan-wook directed ‘Oldboy’ and ‘The Handmaiden’ and was part of the 2013 movie Snowpiercer as a producer.

YouTube video

The short film is entitled ‘Life is a But a Dream’ and runs for 20 minutes. The video starts off looking like a horror film but reveals itself to be a mix of fantasy, martial arts, rom-com, and musical. It stars Park Jeong-min who plays an ancient swordsman whose coffin was stolen to be used to make another one for a fallen hero.

Apple also uploaded a behind-the-scenes clip that shows how Park Chan-wook and his crew used the iPhone 13 Pro. You can see the iOS device attached to gimbals. But they do share praise about the phone.

Shot on iPhone 13 Pro: Life is But a Dream

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As for the short film, there were instances that showed that Apple shine, a look or color grade often associated with photos and videos shot with iPhones. You’ll also notice a difference in sharpness for shots taken in the daylight and lowlight.

Either way, it still looked good and it did a good job of showcasing what the iPhone 13 Pro can do.

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