iPhone and iPad price list in the Philippines 2022

It’s 2022 and we have here the iPhone and iPad price list. Counting all storage variants, Apple carries brings over 24 iPhone models and 32 iPad models from the previous roster.

[Update 03.09.22: Added prices of the new iPhone SE 3 2022 and iPad Air 5 2022]

Typical of Apple, they usually have nothing much going on in the first quarter of the year, save for a few OS updates, let alone price changes. Those looking to purchase any of the current models can expect to see the same SRP as last year.

However, should you just want to get into the iOS ecosystem, you might want to consider older models. The two biggest Authorized Apple Resellers in the country have begun offering discontinued iPhones (such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone XS) at much lower prices. You can check out the price drops at the following links: here for Beyond the Box and here Power Mac Center.

Keep in mind that these older iPhones are still great devices that still get regular iOS updates.

As for the current roster of iPhones, prices remain unchanged. You may refer to the list below.

iPhone Price List

iPhone SE 364GBPhp 28,990
iPhone SE 3128GBPhp 31,990
iPhone SE 3256GBPhp 37,990
iPhone 1164GBPhp 31,990
iPhone 11128GBPhp 34,990
iPhone 12 mini64GBPhp 38,990
iPhone 12 mini128GBPhp 41,990
iPhone 12 mini256GBPhp 47,990
iPhone 1264GBPhp 44,990
iPhone 12128GBPhp 47,990
iPhone 12256GBPhp 53,990
iPhone 13 mini128GBPhp 44,990
iPhone 13 mini256GBPhp 50,990
iPhone 13 mini512GBPhp 63,990
iPhone 13128GBPhp 50,990
iPhone 13256GBPhp 57,990
iPhone 13512GBPhp 69,990
iPhone 13 Pro128GBPhp 63,990
iPhone 13 Pro256GBPhp 70,990
iPhone 13 Pro512GBPhp 82,990
iPhone 13 Pro1TBPhp 95,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max128GBPhp 70,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max256GBPhp 76,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max512GBPhp 88,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max1TBPhp 101,990

Older iPad models are much harder to come by. Some retail stores may still have stock. For online shops, you can check out Kimstore. They usually have older iPads at lower prices. I remember getting an iPad Air 3 there below SRP in 2020.

For the current set of iPads, you may refer to the price list below.

iPad Price List

iPad Mini WiFi 6th Gen64GBPhp 29,990
iPad Mini WiFi 6th Gen 256GBPhp 38,990
iPad Mini WiFi+Cellular 6th Gen64GBPhp 38,990
iPad Mini WiFi+Cellular 6th Gen256GBPhp 47,990
iPad WiFi 9th Gen64GBPhp 19,990
iPad WiFi 9th Gen 256GBPhp 28,990
iPad WiFi+Cellular 9th Gen64GBPhp 27,990
iPad WiFi+Cellular 9th Gen 256GBPhp 36,990
iPad Air WiFi 5th Gen64GBPhp 35,990
iPad Air WiFi 5th Gen 256GBPhp 44,990
iPad Air WiFi+Cellular 5th Gen64GBPhp 44,990
iPad Air WiFi+Cellular 5th Gen256GBPhp 53,990
iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch128GBPhp 45,990
iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch256GBPhp 51,990
iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch512GBPhp 63,990
iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch1TBPhp 87,990
iPad Pro WiFi 11-inch2TBPhp 111,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch128GBPhp 54,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch256GBPhp 60,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch512GBPhp 72,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch1TBPhp 96,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 11-inch2TBPhp 120,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch128GBPhp 62,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch256GBPhp 68,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch512GBPhp 80,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch1TBPhp 104,990
iPad Pro WiFi 12.9-inch2TBPhp 128,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch128GBPhp 71,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch256GBPhp 77,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch512GBPhp 89,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch1TBPhp 113,990
iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular 12.9-inch2TBPhp 137,990

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