This is how long it takes hackers to crack your passwords

This is the reason why you need a strong password.

Hive Systems recently released their 2022 password table infographic, which shows the time it takes for hackers to brute force a password. And with today’s technologies, passwords as short as 7-digits that use a combination of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and symbols, need only 31 seconds to crack.

Time it takes for hackers to brute force passwords

The infographic shows just how little time it takes for hackers to get to passwords. The data, by the way, is based on a ‘consumer-budget’ hacker using a desktop computer and a top-tier graphics card, such as an NVIDIA RTX 3090. Apparently, GPUs are not only good for mining cryptocurrencies, but for calculating password hashes as well.

I suggest you visit their post for a full read on Hive Systems’ password table.

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The big lesson here, of course, is to use strong, complicated passwords. Use two-factor authentication, Google Authenticator, or a password manager like Bitwarden when able to further enhance security. And do not reuse passwords.

As our reliance on online services continues to grow, securing our accounts is now more important than ever.

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  1. md5 is not as common as they would like you to believe. Writing any software, you will have other options if you have md5 as an option, and basically all programmers know to not use it. There are simple password methods that do not work well with a GPU for cracking. That said, I saw a recent proof of cracking RSA-512 in 4 hours. MFA with an authenticator and not via SMS is the best way for most people. A security device with FIDO2 is the minimum in a sensitive environment.

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