Despite its recent subscriber and financial troubles, Netflix will continue to develop its mobile gaming library, targeting at least 50 titles by the end of the year.

The streaming giant already has around 18 games at the end of 2021. This year, they will add more than 30 titles. Based on what they have now, the upcoming games will likely be based on their original shows. Currently, the only game we know of that’s coming this year is the recently announced Exploding Kittens – The Game. Netflix will also release an animated series based on the card game that stars Lucifer’s Tom Ellis, Lucy Liu, and more.

Netflix’s move to go into gaming means they are open to expanding beyond streaming to improve their business. So far, they have purchased three gaming studios, including Boss Fight Entertainment (who released Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales) and Night School Studio (known for Oxenfree).

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Currently, Netflix has been developing shows based on games, such as The Witcher, Cuphead, Castlevania, League of Legends, DOTA, and, soon, Tekken. While on the gaming front, they have churned out games based on popular shows, like Stranger Things and League of Legends spinoffs Dungeon Dwarves and Hextech Mayhem.

Netflix’s mobile games are available on Android and iOS, free for Netflix subscribers.

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