Apple will soon put USB-C ports on iPhones

It looks like Apple is finally coming close to putting USB-C ports on iPhones. It won’t be on this year’s iPhones as it will still come with the Lightning port, but the next models will likely have it.

Two reports suggest it’s happening soon. First, known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said it’s coming to iPhones in 2023. And now, a Bloomberg report claims Apple is already testing it on devices.

While there’s no official word yet that it’s true, one reason that could push this into reality is the European Union’s recent push to standardize USB-C as the defacto port for all devices. Newer Android devices won’t be affected by the ruling as most already have USB-C. iPhones, on the other hand, are in a bind with all models sporting Lighting ports.

Apple is understandably hesitant to go all out on USB-C. Most of its customers are heavily invested in the iPhone ecosystem filled with Lightning port accessories. Although, the same Bloomberg report said the company is also working on an adapter to ensure USB-C iPhones can use Lightning port devices. We’re willing to bet that this will be sold separately.

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Whatever happens, we’re hoping USB-C comes on iPhones soon. It’s superior to the Lightning port in every way, sporting faster transfer speeds and support for a wider range of accessories.

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