Apple made over USD 6.5 billion by removing earphones and chargers from its iPhone packages

Apple saved over USD 6.5 billion when it removed earphones and chargers from its iPhone packages, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

The tech giant removed the said accessories from its retail packages two years ago, starting with the iPhone 12 series and its other iPhone products. The move was made to reduce the impact of its products on the environment.

Apple made over USD 6.5 billion by removing earphones and chargers from its iPhone packages

As noble as their goal was at the time, others saw the move as a way for Apple to make more money. And unsurprisingly, they were proven right.

Despite the stripped-down retail package, the prices of the iPhones were not affected. Accarding to Daily Mail, Apple is saving up to £27 (~Php 1,850) per device.

What’s more, the company saved an estimated 40% in shipping costs because smaller boxes also allowed Apple to fit 70% more devices in a shipping pallet. They also sold more chargers and earphones as well.

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All is not lost, however. Apple claims to have significantly reduced the materials used in their products and packaging, which resulted in the reduction of the company’s carbon emissions by two million metric tons, which is equivalent to taking 500,000 cars off the roads.

Other companies, like Samsung and Xiaomi, have since followed in Apple’s footsteps, removing chargers from the boxes of its products in select markets.

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