PLDT Home’s FAST Hub: What’s it like to have 10,000Mbps internet connection

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PLDT Home introduces the FAST (Fiber Accelerated Speed Tech) Hub where people can fully experience the first and fastest 10,000 Mbps internet speed in the Philippines.

FAST Hub is a visual representation of what’s possible with 10,000 Mbps. It simulates a smart home across three areas: the Living Room, the Office, and the Gaming Room.

What’s 10,000Mbps like?

PLDT Home invited us to visit the FAST Hub and try out what’s it like to have 10,000Mbps. Suffice to say, it was impressive. Imagine downloading GBs upon GBs of files in a matter of seconds.

The demo started with a typical smart home setup — controlling the lights, electronics, security, and other gadgets while streaming music through speakers from a smartphone.

Then we got to try streaming 4K and 8K content on a huge smart TV, all while doing other things online. Suffice to say there was no buffering.

We also got to try their Smart Work / Gaming Station setup. We played an online game on a PS5 and on a gaming PC, simultaneously. Again, no buffering or latency.

So what does this all mean in the real world? Simple. It means big families can do things better without worrying about heavy bandwidth for each device and zero latency. No more prioritization or workarounds. It means every member of a household can do their thing without worrying if they’re slowing down the connection for everyone else. It can also mean you can scale home businesses with enough bandwidth to power a small office with multiple heavy users.

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While there is still no release date (or price) for the 10,000 Mbps internet service, PLDT Home assured us that it’s coming to homes soon. If you want to make a reservation for the plan, fill out the online form at

For more information, please visit PLDT Home’s Next Upgrade YouTube channel.

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