Netflix is working on a cheaper ad-supported streaming plan with Microsoft as its advertising sales partner. But it looks like its going to skip one big feature — offline viewing.

A developer found a line of text within the Netflix app that says “Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads.” Its a clear indicator that the ad-supported plan, called Netflix with ads, will not allow downloading of content for offline viewing.

If Netflix with ads is going to have a lower price than the mobile plan, then a limited functionality is expected. Currently, the mobile plan is the most affordable they have, priced at just P149 per month in the Philippines, and offers standard resolution content for only one user on either a phone or tablet. It makes sense that a cheaper plan will offer even less.

Netflix has suffered losses in subscribers and revenue, and has been looking at several options to help stop the bleeding. Apart from the ad-supported plan, the streaming giant is also looking to put a stop to password sharing with a new charging scheme they are testing. They estimate that more than 100 million households globally are sharing passwords, resulting in the loss of potential revenue.

Its likely that Netflix will release the ad-supported plan sometime next year. Whether or not it will be accepted by consumers is another matter.



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