Feeling nostalgic? Play Minecraft Classic for free

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It feels like Minecraft has been around for ages. And it has, in a way. The sandbox game is 13 years old, coming out way back in 2009. And if you’re feeling nostalgic (or just curious as to what it was like playing the OG game), then you might want to try this out.

For those who don’t know, you can play Minecraft Classic for free straight from your computer browser. Its limited, but its free and can run on most browsers. The game runs on Creative Mode with no enemies or mobs, complete with all of the original bugs. What’s more, you only have just 32 blocks to work with (and the majority of them are dyed wool).

The classic game is a far cry from what it is now. Minecraft has since seen a lot of updates that improved game play and graphics. Players now also have over 150 blocks to work with, including various types of rock and wood, various colors of wool, and environmental features like air and water.

Most recently, Mojang also updated the default skins, giving Alex a new beard and Steve better hair, and both characters receiving added 3D layers and improving the details.

Excited already? You can go to this link to start playing: https://classic.minecraft.net/.

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