Spotify announces Takot Muna playlist for Halloween

Spotify launches a house of audio horrors called the Takot Muna playlist.

From a vivid childhood memory of supernatural encounters to a deep dive into the origins of local customs on the fear of aswangs, and even ghost stories from listeners themselves, Spotify’s Takot Muna playlist has an episode for every horror enthusiast and brave soul.

Here are some of the episodes to look forward to this Halloween.


In Spotify Exclusive Creepsilog, dare yourself and a friend or two to join creators Gideon Mendoza and Glenn Tabajeros in a video podcast examining 13 disturbing photographs and the tragic origins of each image.

Wag Kang Lilingon

With the kapitanas of Wag Kang Lilingon, delve into hypothetical situations, such as if an alien that’s about to abduct you resembles BTS member Jimin, or other scenarios will make you second-guess mundane situations. This chilling evening is best enjoyed in a quiet room with occasional peering over one’s shoulder.

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Philippine Campfire Stories

In Philippine Campfire Stories,  listen to a collection of native mysteries, such as those surrounding locales–like a mythical creature featured in Dungeons and Dragons but was already chronicled in detail in Sulu circa 1986.

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