Apple raises the price of Apple One, Apple Music, and Apple TV+ in the Philippines

Apple raised the subscription prices of its services in other countries last October. This time, the company is doing the same in the Philippines, raising the subscription prices of Apple One, Apple Music, and Apple TV+.

As far as we can tell, the new prices for Apple One and Apple TV+ are already in effect. Meanwhile, Apple Music’s new price will start on December 13, 2022.

Apple TV+ increased its price by ₱120, now costing ₱369 per month from ₱249. Meanwhile, Apple One increased by ₱74 and ₱84 for the Individual and Family plans, now at ₱369 per month (from ₱249) and ₱579 per month (from ₱495), respectively. And finally, Apple Music’s monthly subscription price increased to ₱75 for the Student plan, ₱139 for the Individual plan, and ₱219 for the Family plan.

The subscription price of Apple Arcade, however, remained the same at ₱249 per month.

Here’s a table for a quick comparison for 2022.

Apple Services New Prices 2022

ServiceOld PriceNew Price
Apple OneIndividual: ₱375/mo
Family: ₱495/mo
Individual: ₱449/mo
Family: ₱579/mo
Apple TV+₱249/mo₱369/mo
Apple MusicStudent: ₱69/mo
Individual: ₱129/mo
Family: ₱199/mo
Student: ₱75/mo
Individual: ₱139/mo
Family: ₱219/mo
Apple Arcade₱249/moNo change

Apple’s services come with more features than its competitors that help it remain competitive.

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For example, Apple TV+ comes includes 4K HDR content, provided your device supports it. Meanwhile, Apple Music includes lossless audio and Spatial Audio with no additional charge.

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