Apple might limit the functionality of the iPhone 15’s USB-C port

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Apple might limit the functionality of USB-C ports and charging cables of the next-gen iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, much the same way as the Lightning ports.

According to a report from MacRumors, Apple will have its own version of its USB-C cables which will include an integrated circuit (IC) for the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

The IC chip is what certifies the authenticity of first-party Apple cables and other MFI-certified accessories. Accessories without the chip will lead to the “This accessory is not supported” warnings when connected to an iPhone or iPad. The chip also encourages Apple device owners to buy genuine MFI products, while at the same time preventing the use of counterfeit or compromised accessories.

While it’s not clear what implications the IC chip will have on the iPhone 15 series, rumors suggest it will be used to control certain functions of the device such as limiting fast charging speeds and data transfer speeds.

If Apple pushes through with IC chips for authentication, it defeats the purpose of having a USB-C port that is supposedly compatible with USB-C accessories that you might already have. It is, in essence, going to be a Lightning Port but with a USB-C socket.

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The current first-party USB-C cables that are used on the 10th gen iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro do not have the IC chip.

Image: James A. Molnar of Unsplash

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