Disney+ to launch new K-drama ‘Moving’ based on hit webtoon

Disney+ biggest original series yet, based on the hit webtoon by Kang Full.

Disney+, the streaming service’s adult-oriented brand, is set to release its biggest original series yet: “Moving,” a thrilling adaptation of the popular webtoon by Kang Full.

The series, which premieres on August 9, 2023, follows the lives of three ordinary high school students who have extraordinary powers. They try to keep their abilities a secret from the world, but soon find themselves in danger as they are hunted by government agents who want to use them or eliminate them.

“Moving” boasts an impressive cast of K-drama stars, including Zo Insung, who makes his comeback to the small screen after seven years. He plays Kim Doosik, a mysterious man who helps the superpowered students. He is joined by Ryu Seungryong as Jang Juwon, a ruthless agent who leads the pursuit of the superhumans; and Han Hyojoo as Lee Mihyun, a kind-hearted teacher who cares for the students.

The series also features rising young actors Lee Jungha, Go Younjung, and Kim Do-Hoon as the trio of superhumans. Lee Jungha plays Kim Bongseok, who can fly; Go Younjung plays Jang Huisoo, who can heal; and Kim Do-Hoon plays Lee Ganghoon, who has super strength.

“Moving” is directed by Park Inje, who is known for his films “The Mayor” and “Moby Dick.” He said he was drawn to the project because of its unique blend of action, suspense, and emotion.

The series is produced by STUDIO&NEW, which has a track record of producing hit K-dramas such as “Mr. Sunshine” and “Goblin.” The production company said it was confident that “Moving” would be a success on Disney+.

“Moving” will debut with a seven-episode premiere on August 9, 2023, on Disney+. Check out the trailer below:

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