Epson Philippines celebrates 25 years of innovation, service, and sustainability

Epson Philippines marks its 25th anniversary with a recognition for its excellent customer service, strong business performance, and renewed commitment to sustainability.

The company received the Best Customer Service 2023 award in the Home Goods, Consumer Electronics category from Statista and Philippine Daily Inquirer. The award is based on an independent nationwide survey with over 11,000 participants, which evaluated the accessibility, communication, and professional competence of Epson Service Centers. The award reflects Epson’s dedication to providing outstanding customer experience and support.

“We are inspired by our customers’ confidence in us to keep pursuing service excellence,” said Masako Kusama, Epson Philippines President and Director. “This recognition inspires us to continue providing top-notch customer support and exceed expectations.”

Epson Philippines has also achieved significant growth throughout the years, driven by its innovative and sustainable solutions, client-oriented approach, and dedicated staff members.

“At Epson, we leverage our efficient, compact, and precise innovations to effect positive and meaningful change in the world,” said Kusama. “We firmly believe that energy-saving solutions and space-saving innovations contribute to the improvement of businesses’ operations and the protection of our environment.”

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), Epson dominated the market across various product categories in 2022, with a 51% market share for inkjet printers, 67% for ColorWorks printers, 36% for CAD, and 83% for photo printers. Epson also emerged as the top brand in POS printers, textile printers, scanners, and high brightness projectors.

The company is targeting to increase its 8% year-over-year growth in 2022 to 12% in 2023.

Epson Philippines also remains strongly committed to pursuing a greener future. Epson’s dedication to both local and global environmental preservation is evident in its various initiatives and achievements. Achieving its global commitment to shift to renewable energy across all manufacturing sites ahead of the 2023 deadline, the company’s manufacturing plant in Batangas transitioned to geothermal and hydroelectric power in 2021.

Additionally, the company’s product range is designed to help reduce environmental impact through its heat-free technology which enables its printers to consume less electricity compared to laser printers, while its high-capacity ink tanks improve operational efficiency.

“Guided by our global aspirations, we have placed sustainability at the heart of our business. Sustainability is a key priority for Epson, and this is reflected across all aspects of our business,” shared Kusama. “The realization of our goal cannot be achieved by Epson employees alone. It requires empathy and shared purpose among our customers, partners, and society.”

Epson Philippines has also forged strategic partnerships with organizations like WWF-Philippines to address pressing environmental issues and contribute to a green future. Through projects focused on mangrove conservation and restoration, climate change education, and sustainable food production systems, Epson and WWF-Philippines aim to protect the country’s rich biodiversity and empower local communities.

Through these initiatives, Epson Philippines is dedicated to laying the groundwork for a low-carbon society and educating the public for longer-lasting impact.

“With our consistently strong business performance, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and customer service recognition, I believe Epson Philippines is poised to continue leading the way in the technology industry,” concluded Kusama. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.

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