Epson completes switch to 100% renewable electricity in all of its sites worldwide

Epson achieved a remarkable feat: it has switched to 100% renewable electricity at all of its sites worldwide. This makes Epson the first in the Japanese manufacturing industry to fully transition to green energy.

The company announced that, as of December 2023, all electricity used at Epson Group sites around the globe comes from renewable sources, such as solar, wind, and hydropower. By doing so, Epson expects to reduce its annual carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 400,000 tonnes. This is equivalent to taking more than 85,000 cars off the road for a year.

Epson has a long history of environmental action. It has publicly committed to becoming carbon-negative and underground resource-free in its Environmental Vision 2050. The use of renewable electricity is a key means by which Epson seeks to reach its goal of achieving decarbonization.

The company took several big steps to switch to 100% renewable electricity for all Epson Group sites. In March 2021, Epson committed to switching to 100% renewable electricity at all sites. It completed all of its sites in its local area of Nagano Prefecture, Japan, in April 2021. In November of the same year, it completed the switch to green energy in all of its sites in Japan. And finally, in December 2023, the company completed the switch at all of its global sites.

In addition to sourcing renewable electricity, Epson will promote the broader adoption of renewable energy, which includes generating more of its own power and supporting the development of new power sources through co-creation. The company will also reduce the amount of energy associated with production processes and products, as well as pursue further advances in resource circulation, to attain the goal of becoming carbon-negative.

Global President Yasunori Ogawa said, “Realizing social sustainability is a goal fraught with difficulties, but we will act with determination to address the hurdles with a spirit of creativity and challenge.”

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