Epson Philippines and WWF Philippines team up to address energy consumption issue

Epson and WWF launch educational session on energy efficiency.

Epson Philippines continues to work with WWF Philippines to address various environmental challenges.

The two organizations have been partners since 2022, and have launched several initiatives to conserve the country’s biodiversity, promote the sustainable use of natural resources, and reduce pollution and wasteful consumption. Their latest project focuses on the urgent need for collective action to deal with the increasing energy consumption rate in the Philippines through effective energy management strategies.

Dino Calderon, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Program Manager at WWF-Philippines, said that the Philippines is facing a serious energy management problem, with the residential sector being one of the main sources of energy demand.

“Humans are the main drivers of change in terms of the biophysical aspects of this planet,” Calderon said.

According to the Department of Energy’s 2022 Annual Power Statistics, the household sector consumes the most energy (35,324 GWh), followed by the industrial sector (28,844 GWh) and the commercial sector (24,294 GWh).

“It may be a concerning statistic, but this also presents an opportunity to make a change through a collective effort of individuals,” Calderon said.

WWF-Philippines and Epson are calling on companies to take steps to create an energy-efficient environment both at home and in the workplace–starting from an individual level.

To implement this plan, Epson organized an educational session for its employees, led by Calderon. The session aimed to inform the attendees about energy consumption, its environmental impacts and how to initiate change. Calderon said that these actions could be as simple as choosing public transportation over private vehicles or using natural light as much as possible during the day.

“Epson values the power of individual actions and their collective impact,” said Masako Kusama, President and Director of Epson Philippines. “By teaching our employees how to manage their energy use effectively, we are building a culture of sustainability and doing our part in the global fight against pollution.”

The session also emphasized the role of companies like Epson to educate their employees about energy consumption and management and apply this knowledge in practice.

“Companies have a key role in tackling environmental challenges. By raising awareness and encouraging sustainable habits among employees, corporations like Epson can help lower consumption and protect our planet for future generations,” Calderon said. “What is important now is taking that first step through encouraging individual actions.” is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.

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