These are the fastest 5G phones in the Philippines, Ookla says

If you are looking for the fastest 5G speeds in the Philippines, you might want to consider getting a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra or an iPhone 14 Pro Max, according to the latest report from Ookla, the global leader in internet testing and analysis.

Ookla released its Q3 2023 Speedtest Intelligence data revealing the top 5G devices and brands in terms of median download speed in the Philippines. The data was based on tests taken with Speedtest on 5G-enabled devices from July 1 to September 30, 2023.

The report showed that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra had the fastest median download speed of 84.42 Mbps among all 5G phones in the country. It was closely followed by the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a median download speed of 83.23 Mbps.

The iPhone 14 ranked third with a median download speed of 80.43 Mbps, followed by the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung’s flagship phone in 2022, which came in fourth with a median download speed of 75.23 Mbps.

The top four devices were all premium models with high-end specifications and features.

By brand, Apple had the highest median download speed of 47.10 Mbps among all 5G devices in the country, followed by Samsung with 33.77 Mbps. Xiaomi ranked third with 29.18 Mbps, while Huawei and Infinix rounded up the top five with 18.99 Mbps and 18.14 Mbps, respectively.

The report also revealed the median download speeds of the three major mobile network operators in the country that offer 5G services: Smart, Globe, and DITO.

Smart had the fastest median download speed of 35.56 Mbps on 5G in Q3 2023, followed by Globe with 22.42 Mbps and DITO with 19.53 Mbps.

As 5G technology continues to evolve and expand in the Philippines, consumers can expect to enjoy faster and more reliable internet connectivity on their mobile devices. However, not all 5G phones are created equal, and some may offer better performance than others.

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