This Chinese live streamer made almost $14 million in just 7 days using an unconventional tactic

A Chinese live streamer has stunned the online world by raking in a whopping 100 million yuan (about $14 million or ₱775.7 million) in just one week, thanks to a novel and unconventional sales tactic.

The live streamer, who goes by the name Zhang Xiang Xiang, sells various products online on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. However, unlike other live streamers who showcase and demonstrate their products in detail, Zhang only flashes each item for three seconds or less before moving on to the next one.

Zhang’s products are said to be all priced below 10 yuan (about $1.40 or ₱77.60), meaning that she sold around 10 million units in the past week to earn the 100 million yuan. Her products range from clothing and accessories to household items and cosmetics.

What makes her products even more appealing is that they are packaged in orange boxes that resemble the iconic Hermès boxes. The orange boxes are a clever marketing strategy that adds a touch of sophistication to Zhang’s products.

By flashing each item for three seconds or less, Zhang created a sense of urgency and excitement among her viewers, who had to act fast to catch a glimpse and make a purchase.

The technique, coupled with her sleek presentation in orange Hermès-like boxes, distinguished her from other live streamers and boosted her sales.

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