YouTube Premium subscribers can now play games on the platform

YouTube is testing a new feature that will allow Premium subscribers to enjoy gaming on the platform, without any downloads or installations. The feature, called Playables, is a collection of interactive mini-games that can be accessed within the YouTube app on desktop and mobile devices.

Playables are meant to provide a fast and fun gaming experience for YouTube users, similar to Google’s GameSnacks service. Users can select from a range of games, such as Scooter Xtreme, Brain Out, Angry Birds Showdown, and more. The games are easy to play and have simple controls and graphics.

YouTube Playable

The feature is still in the beta testing stage, and only a limited number of users have been invited to try it out. Google has not announced when Playables will be officially released to the public. However, some users have already shared their screenshots and feedback on Playables, giving us an idea of what the feature looks like.

We were among the lucky ones who received an invitation to test the gaming service. We found it interesting and convenient, especially when we wanted a quick break from watching videos. We also tried the service on YouTube desktop, but the games were fewer.

Playables seem to be a more realistic and modest approach to gaming on YouTube, as they do not compete with other gaming platforms, such as Netflix Games, which also offers mobile games as part of its service. Playables also appeal to a wider audience, as they offer casual and simple games that anyone can enjoy.

For now, Playables are only available to YouTube Premium subscribers. In the Philippines, the subscription costs ₱159 per month and includes ad-free and offline viewing, as well as access to YouTube Music and YouTube Originals. It is unclear if Playables will be offered to non-premium users in the future.

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